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Permeable Pavements 

One of the direct consequences of urban development is an increase in impervious surface area. Over the years, vast areas that used to be covered by vegetation and natural permeable surfaces have been replaced by parking lots, streets and roofs, disrupting the natural process of water infiltration into the soil. One of the effects of this is increased storm water runoff and flow during precipitation. The higher flow and rising water levels in storm sewer pipe systems and streams can cause problems including flooding, erosion, sedimentation and pollution. Permeable pavement systems reduce the volume of water directed to municipal systems and, as such, are viable solutions for better storm water management. Segmental permeable pavement systems reduce runoff and improve the quality of water returning to the environment. 


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes segmentable permeable pavements as a best management practice for storm water and as a low impact development (LID) practice.

Island Designs is honored to be the Caribbean's only TECHO-PRO CERTIFIED CONTRACTOR meeting the standard of excellence for the design, installation and maintenance of Techo-Bloc decorative pavements. 

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Absorbed water can also be routed to underground storage tanks for later use, or even piped into cisterns to naturally recharge your water supply.

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• Reduce the construction of additional impervious surfaces

• Contribute to maintaining hydrologic conditions that existed prior to development

• Reduce runoff volume

• Reduce peak flow (discharge to sewer is spread over a longer period)

• Reduce network overload

• Reduce wastewater treatment costs

• Use in confined spaces in existing areas requiring additional storm water management

• Reduce potential risk of erosion and flooding associated with increased runoff rates and volumes

• Improve water quality

• Contribute to replenishing the water table

• Reduce heat island effects (light color, high solar reflectance index, cools and humidifies surrounding air)

• Gain credits for LEED certification

• Improve the aesthetic quality of urban landscape

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