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At Island Designs, we provide a full service approach to your property. From evaluating and consulting, to designing, building and maintaining, we provide an unparalleled level of excellence to ensure your property is not only performing to its fullest potential, but also ready for any weather challenges. 


In the past decade, we have had over 25, 100 year storms. Is your property ready for the next one? At Island Designs, we specialize in resort property evaluations. Let us point out your vulnerabilities and design the best, sustainable and environmental solutions to ensure your property is ready. 



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Extreme weather events pose significant risks to life, property, and economy in the Caribbean. Some extreme events, such as flooding and droughts, are projected to increase in frequency and intensity. Increasing hurricane intensity and associated rainfall rates will likely affect human health and well-being, economic development, conservation, and agricultural productivity. At Island Designs, we evaluate, design and protect taking into consideration all past, present and future projected events creating a self-thriving plan to ensure your property can not only survive, but flourish in today’s ever-changing environment.